What to do during my waiting season?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

My "Live Out Purpose" Ministry developed during a period in my life where everything appeared stagnant. It seemed as though everyone was elevating while progression was literally passing me by. I could not understand why everything i envision for myself was manifesting in other people's life, however a drought seemed to overtake mine. In this winter season I still pushed beyond fleshly feelings, and pressed into the presence of God. Feeding my spirit during dormancy allowed me to receive a revelation that I hope will bless you as much as it has truly blessed me.

The holy spirit directed me to the book of 1 Samuel Chapter 16 . In scripture it shares how Samuel was sent to Bethlehem by God to anoint a king for Israel due to Saul's disobedience. While Samuel was searching for who God has ordained, he was reminded to not concentrate on a person's physicality because God's choice is determined by the heart of a man. Samuel anointed David to be king. The essential part about David being chosen was that he was found tending to sheep. In todays time lets be honest we would not be enthusiastic to be a shepherd or just tending to sheep. Some people would probably find this job boring and may even complain. However God revealed to me wherever he has position you, it is a preparation point for promotion. I had to realize that no matter where i'm positioned at in my life God is training me for something greater. Frequently we can get distracted on social media viewing other peoples' lives and seeing the nice home, car, marriage, children, and business. So many people can be deceived when they begin to compare their lives to other peoples' success. Let this be a reminder that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and what God has ordained for you will be manifested. Stop creating timelines on when the promises of God are suppose to come into fruition in your life. Instead wait on the Lord and he shall renew your strength (Isaiah 40:31).

My prayer is that you will find comfort in knowing that God has anointed you for something greater. Even though your current position may not be an ideal situation let this be a reminder that you are only in your training season. I pray during your waiting period you will not relinquish but press in God's presence for peace that passes understanding. Remember to Live on Purpose no matter the season. God has a plan for your life and his desire is for you to live out his purpose.

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