No Fear Zone

"Cancelling Out Fear"

Hello beautiful ladies !! I am so excited to be back again with another post. I definitely feel this is a necessary read due to the condition of our country right now. I am quietly observing the responses of others and just watching intently on what is transpiring amongst everyone. I want you to clear your mind for just a few minutes and really focus on what I am about to share with you. So yes turn the news off. Log out of social media for a second. Abstain from any distraction that will position you to operate in fear. Wonderful! Now you have entered into a NO FEAR ZONE.

So we are watching the pandemic unfold and literally invade our country. You see so many headlines focusing on this epidemic which is basically magnifying the fear in thousands of people. You have people literally making irrational decisions due to panic. Stores are experiencing shortages to the point people are having difficulty purchasing necessities they need for survival. People's finances are in jeopardy due to possible business closings. Its almost like a scene from a movie is playing out in reality. In this horrific experience it is exposing the hearts of people. You have one side that is not only securing their livelihood but they are utilizing their resources to make sure people that are in their community are safe. However, on the other side you have others who are desensitized to empathy and it seems selfishness is heightening. So what do we do now that we are in this crisis? How do we cope? Do we stay hidden and in fear? Do we live life just focusing on death? How do we live? How can fear be exempt?

The answer to these questions has always been the same. Jesus will constantly be the source to every storm. Yes to the world it seems cliche to say this but as believers allow this epidemic to emphasize the true supernatural power of God. You know I literally spent almost a year of my life suffocating in fear. I had anxiety and panic attacks all the time. It was so severe that I had to be rushed to the hospital because my family thought I was having a stroke. My blood pressure was skyrocketing for a whole week. I was having dizzy spells and a fever. Stress was literally overtaking my life. When I experienced my first attack I remember the whole room seemed like it was spinning. I fell on the ground. I forgot how to speak it just seemed like my mind couldn't process what was actually happening. However when I arrived at the hospital I remember them doing multiple tests including an EKG to make sure my heart was fine. All the results came back negative and a diagnosis of Anxiety disorder was given. It was so bad I literally had to take medicine in order to function.

There was a time where I woke up out of my sleep choking trying to breathe. There were times where I would go to a place like Walmart and couldn't get out of the car because I began to have attacks. I was scared to drive a car or just go anywhere because I never knew when they would start. You may be asking yourself why is she telling me that, I thought this was a No Fear Zone? Sis it still is a no fear zone I just needed to share with you as a person who allowed fear to direct their life for a long time, there is never a positive result that comes from panic and fear. It only continues to imprison you from truly living. No but Deidre this is a different situation we have people literally dying from something that is highly contagious? My response to you regardless of the state of a situation is the result of fear remains the same, and that's prohibiting you from life.

I am literally observing people who are so fearful that it's disabling them from thinking logically. You know as true believers when you read the bible it constantly covers these issues such as plagues permeating a nation. So we are equipped for times such as these. This is the time where you cultivate a prayer life and push in the Word of God. Remove what the world is utilizing for updates and replace it with intimacy with God and only him. We all are familiar with Exodus chapters 7-11 discussing the ten plagues in Egypt due to Pharoah not letting the Israelites go. In Exodus chapter 12 it discusses the commands from God for the Israelites. He commanded them to take the blood of a lamb without blemish and strike it on the two side posts and upper door post of the houses. This was necessary for protection from judgement from God. He was going to smite or kill the firstborn of humans and animals. Death would not happen if the house was covered by the blood of the lamb. The revelation is that it does not matter the intensity of disruption; nothing will divide your household if you are adhering to the commands of God! If you are living a life of purity and holiness harm as no dwelling place in your residence. Death will not seize your household. It doesn't matter the reports that are being broadcasted your heavenly father has you covered.(Psalm 91).

I am seeing too many people who are associating themselves with the church but are not acting like believers. They are acting scared and fearful but continuing to have services and preaching sermons about God’s power. What this does is cause confusion because now the world is looking at some of the churches as powerless. My prayer is that the true believers of the authentic church rise in this hour and be a light and help people turn back to repentance.

I am praying that a boldness like never before be imparted in you to understand the power you carry so you can be able to shift even in this hour of the plague that is hitting our country. Rise up and Realize what you are carrying!!! This is the time to show the world How big, how strong, how mighty, how victorious your God is. Even in God allowing judgment to come upon Egypt it was also for the Israelites God’s chosen people to understand the power of God. In Matthew 10:1 “It shares that God gave his disciples power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.” The same power they received is the same power that is doing great work within us. So it's time to wake up and work your faith and the power that dwells within you. God sent the holy spirit as a comforter for a reason! So wake up and war. Wake up and pray without ceasing. Wake up and worship. Wake up and allow the word of God to saturate your heart and mind. These are the times we have been warned about so let the warrior arise and fear be exempt. We cancel out fear in Jesus Mighty Name. You have now made NO FEAR ZONE Your permanent place.

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