God's Stamped Approval

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Before I address this topic . I want you to personally answer these questions and truly contemplate on your response.

-What path were you traveling in life when God appointed you?

-What sacrifices were required due to the call over your life?

-Was there ever a desire to seek people's approval for the calling over your life?

God pressed upon my heart to discuss the importance of seeking his approval above man. Frequently we as believers receive revelations on the assignments over our lives, but we tend to seek validation from others instead of operating in faith and fully entrusting God with our purpose. We have to understand that not everyone will accept the vision God has placed inside of us so it's imperative to be mindful that the connections we have with people are God ordained. In addition we must pray and seek guidance on who we are suppose to share our vision to.

In Acts 22 God met Paul on the road to Damascus. God met him in his sin when he was persecuting many christians. The encounter he received was so powerful he fell on the ground and was blinded. In that encounter his calling to preach the gospel was revealed by a Godly man named Ananias. The essentiality within this scripture is that no matter how deep in sin you may be when God has a purpose on your life he will meet you wherever you are located. After the introduction to his purpose he had a vision from God warning him that the people in Jerusalem would not accept his testimony. This is important because when you have a call on your life once again not everyone will be receptive to what the creator has implemented within you. In paul’s case people were furious with his message. So protect your anointing and be conscientious of who God wants you to be connected to.

After reading about how Paul met God the Holy Spirit led me to Galatians chapter 1 and it shares how paul the apostle puts an emphasis on not being delegated by people in leadership, but he was designated by God. He then goes on to say in Chapter 1:12 that he was not taught by man but he received the revelation of knowledge and understanding by God. The level of faith he possessed with the call on his life is the same confidence in God we need to carry. Walk in the boldness of God knowing that the revelations he has placed inside of you is to be utilized mightily for his kingdom. So many of you are sitting down on the vision God has given you. You are waiting for man to validate your gifts when God has already stamped and approved you to walk in faith and start evangelizing whether that is through a church platform, ministry, or business. Yes God utilizes people to assist you along your path but there is a difference between seeking acceptance and seeking Godly counsel. Even when Paul accepted his calling the scriptures states in Galations 1: 11-21 he did not converse with apostles or people in regards to the revelations he received from God. In fact he actually went to Arabia and then returned to Damascus. Three years later he then went to Jerusalem and spent time with two apostles named Peter and James. I share this because your purpose does not need to be the topic of discussion amongst everyone. During the time of revelation press in God’s presence and pray zealously. Yes God utilized someone else to reveal Paul’s calling, but it was aligned with his will. Make sure the conversations regarding your destiny is spiritually led.

My prayer is that you remember there is a reason God chose you!! Even in your sin God is tracking you to breath his purpose inside of you. So I pray you have a Damascus experience where once you encounter God you will never be the same. I pray that even people tied to your ministry will be healed through your powerful testimony just like Paul.

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