Drowning In My Destiny

Hello beautiful ladies!!! I know it has been forever since I have created a blog post and I truly apologize again for being absent from here for a lengthy amount of time. However, I am happy to reunite with you beautiful souls and I truly believe this post will be a blessing to your life. So just relax and release anything that would be a distraction from you being able to receive what I am about to share with you. Ok are we all set now? Awesome! Well let's just go ahead and dive into the lesson.

We constantly hear inspirational messages and videos about how purpose needs to be fulfilled in our lives. In addition we hear the heartfelt exhortations that address how to walk away from dysfunction and into destiny. However what happens if you are living a destiny filled life, but you are drowning? What happens if Purpose is being fulfilled but pain is increasing? What happens if people are being poured into from Your Purpose but you are left completely empty?

Well I am here to share with you a revelation regarding your Destiny filled life. We automatically assume when we are living out our true passions problems disappear. However because we are actually living out the life God predestined for us it actually threatens the agenda of the enemy. Remember John 10:10 states “the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy…” So his occupation is to attempt to rob you of the plans God has set in place. Also He schemes and plots to kill you so you won't be able to fulfill purpose. So imagine this when destiny was not included in your life you were not a menace. However the minute you decided to allow Purpose to breathe in you, it put the enemy on defense mode because he clearly comprehends how Powerful you are when Purpose is planted. So in order for Satan to prohibit the plans over your life he has to continuously bring attacks to attempt to annihilate God’s agenda. Lastly his other tactic is to make an effort to destroy. So any time you begin to have questionable thoughts about how God is utilizing you , You need to Know that satan tries to destruct by bringing confusion.

The good news is that no matter the tactics, wiles, or deception it will NEVER prosper! (Isaiah 54:17) The moment you gave God consent to construct your life in purpose triumphing was part of the inheritance. So you will always win and be victorious when you stay connected to the Victor which is God. I would like to share a scripture with you that would put this into perspective.

In Acts 27:9-44 During this time Paul was a prisoner on a ship. While on the ship the weather was becoming dangerous and Paul actually warned the ship officers of what could happen if they continued on the path to Phoenix. Due to them ignoring Paul, there was a light wind that began to blow from the south. The sailors thought they could make it so they pulled up the anchor and sailed close to the shore of Crete. However the weather changed suddenly. The wind had a typhoon strength so it was extremely intense. It was so intense that it blew the ship out to sea. They continuously tried to do everything in their power to not get swallowed up by the storm. They bound ropes around the hulll of the ship to strengthen it and they lowered the sea anchor to slow the ship. The Storm lasted for days to the point hope ceased. No one ate for a long time. Paul encouraged them by sharing his visitation with an angel and how they all will be safe. While still being stuck on the ship some sailors tried to jump off but Paul warned them that they would not survive if they made that decision. He also pushed them to eat for survival because they went 2 weeks without food due to worrying. In the end everyone was safe. I summarized this story but I definitely encourage you to read this chapter for yourself.

When I read Acts I receive a powerful revelation regarding this story. Initially due to Paul living out his purpose as an Apostle and doing Missionary work in Jerusalem he was arrested. During his prisoner period He endured a great multitude of things including this storm while dwelling on a ship. Even though he was living out purpose by professing the power of God. There were attacks that literally came from every angle. What is so interesting about his afflictions was anytime he was imprisoned or his life was in jeopardy he had no fear. Doubt never was an issue and his heart was always in a posture of humility when it came to persevering and enduring for the faith.

I pray your demeanor towards situations connected to your destiny does not cause you to drown but survive. Paul was fulfilling destiny even as a prisoner by directing them even though they were rebellious and caused lives to be endangered. Even though initially the ship officers did not value the words coming out of Paul’s mouth they eventually were so numb and hopeless during this storm that due to Paul’s unwavering faith and exhortations they survived. So my revelation to you is never allow your destiny to drown you because there are people whose lives are connected to your obedience to follow through with your purpose. I know it can be challenging when your destiny involves you pouring into others and being connected to people who actually indeed may be drowning but know your foundation is rooted in God. As long as you pull on God to continuously recharge you there will never be a day where you are on empty. Trials and afflictions may come. The enemy may attempt to deter your destiny but when you remain connected to the source which is God nothing can separate you from the love of the father. Nothing will be able to obliterate or oppress you. Though the storm may be gruesome you will always come out renewed and refreshed.

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