Devoted to Discipline

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

In the last post we discuss recognizing the resources that are accessible to you to launch any passions that have been placed inside of you. This particular post will be focusing on having discipline to carry out your destiny.

Discipline is the key to being successful in every endeavor you desire to carry out. It is imperative to have a detailed proposal on how to reach your aspirations. Yes, we serve a powerful God who can do the impossible. However, In order for his power to manifest over our purpose we have to show effort. We have to be productive while living in faith (James 2:14-26). So many times we are not thriving because we are not disciplined. For instance you can not develop your own company, if you have not made a solid business plan and strategy to brand yourself. When you begin to write out the vision by constructing pictures of how you would like your company to appear, creating a logo to identify your business, researching investors, and determining what trends you would like to include, and so much more then you will begin to see the vision flourish.

When God sees that you are making a conscious effort to start originating plans, He will breathe life into those ventures. We often view God as a genie, where we can just sit here and make numerous requests, and all of a sudden everything we desire will be on a silver platter for us. In actuality we are not prepared for prosperity because discipline is absent and our work ethic is non existent. Needless to say some of the blessings we are waiting to flood our households would do more harm than good. God wants his children to excel and exceed in everything they touch, but He cannot allow your purpose to prevail if you are not pushing your own self to succeed. It's time to start carrying out plans and seeing them through. We frequently want to place the blame on everyone else but ourselves as a reason why situations are not going forward in our lives. God is saying the same vision that I showed you is still positioned in your path.

God gave me this revelation and I would like to share this with you. Matthew 4:1-11 shares how Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness, where he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. During his fast The devil began to tempt him by questioning his power and identity. He wanted Jesus to turn a stone into loaves of bread and also jump off the highest temple in Jerusalem. God began to respond in scriptures to speak against the agenda of Satan. When Satan realized Jesus was not fallen into his plot he created an illusion by telling Jesus if he would worship him he would give away all the kingdoms of the world. Jesus never fell into temptation and Satan had to flee.

I know you are wondering what is the correlation between that bible story. The key point to focus on is that Jesus was disciplined enough to not allow a distraction to determine his fate. Instead he remained grounded in the word and assured in his identity. No matter the stumbling blocks that satan attempted to throw it was not successful. So be reminded that if God has ignited a vision inside of you be disciplined enough to work towards it and not get distracted and easily tempted. I know in the early stages of any project it can seem like success is a mile away but you have to work on your purpose as if its already prospering.

My prayer for you is that every unfinished business in your life becomes complete. I pray God is releasing multi million dollar ideas and setting your mind free from any thoughts that may be imprisoning your life. I pray that he will ignite an unexplainable passion inside of you that will no longer be satisfied with being stagnant. I also pray that your life will be centered around faith and every doubt will diminish in Jesus mighty name.

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